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About Us

About the Craftsman

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CHRISTOPHER RADEMACHER is a fourth generation woodworker following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, grandfather and father.  He is a senior at Polo High School and although very busy with his education, he still finds time to produce quality woodworking pieces. This year as a member of the Whiteside Area Career Center Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (WACC CEO) class and created CPR Woodworking as his business.

Between high school, CEO, and college, he has constantly been working toward his goal of graduating high school and junior college in the same year. CPR Woodworking creates and sells a variety of projects including; bowls, benches, tables, picture frames, and other custom works. Throughout the year the CEO class has shown him the sheer impact that looking professional can have, as well as learning the life skills that will be so important in college and beyond.


About the Woodworking

Every piece created by CPR Woodworking is a hand-made work of art. Carefully selected raw lumber is used for solid construction and then meticulously finished. For several years Christopher and his father have created pieces for friends and family, as well as, donating several items to not-for-profit organizations as fundraisers.

Several of Christopher’s designs have been entered into 4H Fairs at the county and state level and all have received top honors. Never afraid of a challenge, he entered a blanket chest made of quartersawn oak when he was only in 8th grade and has continued creating high quality pieces to this day.

Blanket Chest – Quartersawn Oak

Making a Hexagon Bowl
Making a Hexagon Bowl
The hexagon bowl is one of the more complex pieces made especially when different wood varieties are used. Care is taken to select the pattern...
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CPR Woodworking prides itself in producing high quality custom items. We are located in Northwest Illinois and although some stock is kept on hand, most items are custom made to order. Browse the Woodworking Portfolio to view projects we have built for previous costumers. Prices vary according to the type of wood used and complexity of the project. The base prices listed are an estimate for the item shown.

Feel free to contact us if you have an idea for something new. We are always willing to accept a challenge and will let you know if we can design something for your specific taste and need.